Motivational Speaker Raising Your Social Consciousness

Erika L. Ewing is a passionalte motivational speaker. Check out this great discussion about systemic racism and our call for social action! 

About Us

The Vision

Erika L. Ewing, is a motivational speaker, actor, activist, and artist. After twenty years of experience working and volunteering in underserved communities, pooled her resources, talents, and expertise to bring together thought leaders and visionaries committed to eradicating social injustice across the globe. 

Got To Stop LLC offers two services: 

Got To Stop LLC, "Conversation Collection," online retail and clothing store uses fashion to raise awareness about social injustices and activate social consciousness.  

Got To Stop LLC consulting services help to align an organization's strategies and solutions to meet the community's needs and goals. 

It is our passion and empathy for others that drives our commitment towards healing and making social change. 


Our Commitment

At Got To Stop LLC quality, care, and customer service, is our top priority. Unlike many online clothing stores, our lifestyle brand aim is designed to empower, engage our communities through advocacy and education. 

Community Engagement & Social Action



Reaching Communities


We are here to meet you where you are. Our consulting services services engage and empowers our clients to take action. 

Empowering Advocates To Take Action


Our consulting services help make advocacy easy. We provide resources, research, and relevant information communities need to take legislative action.