Wyclef Jean Freestyle Rap

Unitas Gala with SPecial Performance by Wyclef Jean Septembe

Help End Human Trafficking

Got To Stop LLC attended the UNITAS Gala Awards on September 9, 2019 during New York Fashion Week.  This year UNITAS honored Beth Ann Hardison. Shannon Sedgarick Daris, and David Ocitti. 

In addition, UNITAS recognized Got To Stop LLC  along with a team of  advocates, survivors, trauma psychologists, social workers, and artists who were part of the human trafficking prevention curriculum team. The student geared curriculum has been approved in both Washington, D.C. and New York City Department of Education public schools . 

Got To Stop LLC continues to support Human Trafficking Prevention Education domestically and abroad. 

Wyclef Jean Freestyles Rap about Got To Stop's Fashion Brand

Got To Stop LLC  CEO and Founder Erika L. Ewing was surprised with a freestyle rap from Grammy Award Winning Recording Artist and Humanitarian Wyclef Jean. 

NY Fashion Week Pop Up Shop Feb. 8-9, 2019

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New York Fashion Week 2018

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Friday February 8th

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Saturday February 9th

                              Pop Up Shop

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 Location: Flatiron Showroom

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Featured Brands and Designers:

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                                     Live AHA

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Fashion With A Purpose

More Than A Fashion Statement

3D Dress


It's Not A Movement. It's A Lifestyle!

Got To Stop LLC lifestyle brand debuted its "Conversation Collection" on at  its first Pop Up Shop  on September 6-8, 2018 during New York Fashion Week at The Brownstone In Harlem, owned by the 20-year business owner, fashion, and business veteran Princess Jenkins. 

Got To Stop fashions were designed to inspire courageous conversations around injustice and the systems that are built to perpetuate the cycles of generational poverty, oppression, self-hate, violence, inequity, gender bias, discrimination, and racism. 

Choosing to wear the brand is the first step towards radical transformation. Making this bold choice sends a message 

Change Begins With A Conversation

Change Begins With A Conversation

Got To Stop Trafficking

Got To Stop Human Trafficking!

Got To Stop Trafficking is part of our Conversation Collection to help raise awareness about Sex Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) in our communities. 

It is important for communities to  be educated and informed to prevent commercial sexual exploitation of children.  

It is important that we don't wait for someone else to provide all the solutions. Communities need to be having courageous conversations and dialogue about what they can do to support children and families. 

Got To Stop has put together allied community of trainers, licensed social workers ,and clinical psychologists who are experts in their fields and are  well versed in the subject matter.  

Feel free to request our free trainings and we will connect you with our allies. For more information email us: contact@gottostop.org